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Product Certifications

With thousands of Edtech products,

find the one that suits you.

EdTech Marketplace Asia sources validated information from trusted third parties, ensuring you have all the information needed to find the best product fit.

Find products with confidence by searching certifications covering EdTech interoperability, privacy, design, pedagogical quality, efficacy, and more.

Read the descriptions below to learn more about the different certifications and why they are critical to helping you determine if a product or tool will meet your needs.

App Certification

Educational AppStore is a discovery, review and recommendation marketplace for educational apps and websites. All of our apps and websites are reviewed by a professional experienced teacher using 25 metrics designed by Professor of Educational Technology, Mike Sharples. An experienced and practicing teacher carries out app certification. They score individual app/website against our unique rubrics learning criteria. These criteria assess the aspects that make up an educational app/website and which are critical from a learning perspective. These include, but are not limited to content, educational value, integration, design, and navigation

Design Certification


Digital Promise Research-Based Design Product Certification

Products that have earned the Research-Based Product Certification demonstrate an understanding of and commitment to building a product upon the foundation of rigorous research on how people learn. The certification also indicates that the solution provider has shared the research that informed their product design and development.

Codesign Product Certification


Codesign Product Certification verifies that qualifying, education-technology companies iterate their products based on authentic, school-community recommendations and feedback from Leanlab’s codesign research process. Codesign is a collaborative research process that Leanlab uses to unite critical insights from school communities with the expertise of researchers and product developers. Educational technology companies who have completed a research study with Leanlab and made product modifications based on the recommendations of teachers and students during that study are eligible for the certification.

EdTech Interoperability


1EdTech Certification (IMS Global)

Educators have enough to juggle these days without having to figure out if your company’s software will plug-and-play with the rest of their digital ecosystem. 1EdTech certification guarantees interoperability across the widest range of integrations and thousands of certified products. Certified products are backed by expert technical support to troubleshoot any technical issues that may occur—making the implementation of a standard easier.


Project Unicorn Interoperability Certification

The Project Unicorn Interoperability Certification signals that an edtech product prioritizes data interoperability. There are four tiered badges available representing levels of interoperability, with tier 4 equaling the highest standard. At the core of interoperability is a focus on better informing instruction and driving student-centered learning experiences while ensuring data is secure. This interoperability certification enables school systems to know they are investing in products that prioritize data modernization and ensuring that their systems “talk to each other” in a secure and seamless manner.

Pedagogical Quality


Education Alliance Finland Certification

Education Alliance Finland provides a product evaluation & certification service based on global quality standard for learning solutions. Our service helps to improve product’s pedagogy and offers an agile way to demonstrate educational impact to your customers. Our on-demand evaluations and catalog of Certified EdTech products allow schools to discover the best learning applications fast and easy – facilitating evidence-based purchase decisions.


ISTE Seal of Alignment

Products aligned to the ISTE Standards demonstrate their commitment to supporting critical digital age learning skills and knowledge. By earning a Seal of Alignment, a product is shown to consciously, purposefully and meaningfully support best practices for digital pedagogy.

Student Privacy Protection


iKeepSafe ATLIS Certification

iKeepSafe and ATLIS partnered to offer the IKS ATLIS privacy certification for independent schools. This comprehensive certification builds on the iKeepSafe’s FERPA, COPPA Safe Harbor, and CSPC certifications to demonstrate that educational technology vendors meet the high standards required by ATLIS member schools for protecting student data privacy and security.


The Common Sense Privacy Rating

This program evaluates solution providers’ privacy policies so that parents and teachers can make smart choices about the learning tools they use with their children and students, and so that schools and districts can participate in improving the technology used in K–12 classrooms.

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